Welcome to the Wisconsin Grassroots Network

The Wisconsin Grassroots Network is proud to serve as the connective tissue that nurtures and supports grassroots groups throughout the State! We hope that this website will also attract members of the general public to the idea of grassroots activism and to specific grassroots groups already in existence in your areas OR to the need to FORM a grassroots group, if one does NOT exist where you live! In that latter case, we will be happy to help you connect with folks in your area to get you started! 




If you don't see an existing group we can help you start your own community group. Click here to form a group.


If you are interested in the grassroots movement, but are not sure where to go from here, you can join us as an individual or general member! Click the button below to do that by logging in to this website!


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Join Wisconsin Grassroots Network to help Wisconsin
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Join Wisconsin Grassroots Network to help Wisconsin http://www.wisconsingrassroots.net/?recruiter_id=8027
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Looking forward to attending the 6th Annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festival, March 22nd, it is a blockbuster! George Lakoff as keynote speaker and breakout session leader! So many high level presenters right off the pages of the newspapers, journals and experts list! Please attend, you won’t be sorry!
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TY :)
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Wow, what a web site!
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Love the big green font and the huge buttons! Making life easy for our visitors is g reat hospitality!
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Wow the site is looking Great!!!!
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connecting progressive grassroots groups throughout the State of Wisconsin