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Results in other key Assembly primaries


Here are some numbers in other key Senate and Assembly primaries:

In the 12th SD, Dem Susan Sommer beat Lisa Theo in a bit of an upset with 3,043 votes to 1,776 with 166 of 180 precincts reporting.

In the 24th SD, Republican Scott Noble led with 6,159 votes to 5,449 for Steve Abrahamson with 108 of 118 precincts reporting.

In the 30th SD, Republican John Macco beat Ray Suennen with 8,810 votes to 4,368 with all 68 precincts in.

In the 13th AD, Republican Rob Hutton won with 5,331 votes to 2,961 for nearest competitor Thomas Schellinger with all 32 precincts in. 

In the 17th AD, Dem La Tonya Johnson won with 1,895 votes to 1,019 for nearest competitor Fred Royal with all 34 precincts in. 

In the 18th AD, Dem Evan Goyke won with 1,507 votes to 770 for nearest competitor Jarrett Fields with all 33 precincts in.

In the 25th AD, Dem Jim Brey won with 901 votes to 705 for nearest competitor Bernie Starzewski with all 30 precincts in.

On the GOP side in the 25th, Paul Tittl won with 3,587 votes to 1,360 for nearest competitor Mike Howe with all 30 precincts in.

In the 34th AD, Republican Robert Swearingen won with 3,670 votes to 1,332 for Alex Young with 40 of 53 precincts in.

In the 37th AD, Republican John Jagler won with 3,412 votes to 1,227 for nearest competitor Steve Kauffeld with all 27 precincts in.

In the 39th AD, Republican Mark Born won with 4,023 votes to 2,381 for nearest competitor Don Lechner with all 40 precincts in.

In the 44th AD, Dem Debra Kolste won with 1,923 votes to 1,610 for nearest competitor Kevin Murray with all 24 precincts in.

In the 47th AD, Dem Robb Kahl won with 3,033 votes to 1,456 for Amanda Hall with 16 of 17 precincts in.

In the 51st AD, Dem Maureen May-Grimm won with 1,835 votes to 1,164 for Pam Bomhack with all 62 precincts in.

In the 65th AD, Dem Tod Ohnstad won with 1,960 votes to 503 for nearest competitor Dayvin Hallmon with all 45 precincts in.

In the 70th AD, Republican Nancy Vandermeer won with 2,968 votes to 2,024 for Dan Wald with 48 of 53 precincts in.

In the 79th AD, Dem Dianne Hesselbein won with 3,586 votes to 1,885 for Ellen Lindgren with 15 of 20 precincts in.

In the 85th AD, Dem Mandy Wright won with 1,624 votes to 1,047 for Jeff Johnson with all 42 precincts in.

In the 86th AD, Republican John Spiros won with 3,985 votes to 1,430 for Wayne Thorson with all 35 precincts in.

-- By JR Ross


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