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After centuries of the majority culture stealing their land, the Lakota people of North Dakota have had ENOUGH! Check out our website to see their latest effort to protect their water supply from a pipeline carrying fracked oil from the Bakken shale across the Missouri River through BOTH Dakotas and across ALL of Iowa to Illinois!

On WGN Festival page (and mailings) hyperlink speakers to bio on their organization's website.

Official response from completed

GREAT suggestion, Andy! We have implemented this suggestion and will continue this practice for all future Festivals!

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Announcing information on 2016 Wisconsin Grassroots Festival!!!! Check out for the latest info – look for the tab titled 2016 Festival on the Home Page!

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Great handouts on voter ID for Wisconsin!

posted about Help Save Local Control on Facebook 2016-01-01 13:20:00 -0600
I signed up to volunteer for WisconsinGrassrootsNetwork. Join me!

Help Save Local Control

Thanks for your interest in helping save local government in Wisconsin!

We will ask you about your willingness to do some basic tasks.

NONE of these will involve a fulltime commitment and we do NOT ask for your money, not now, NOT EVER!

responded to SE WI Progressive Events Calendar with considering 2015-08-28 11:41:47 -0500

SE WI Progressive Events Calendar

Three groups, North Shore, Tosa, and Waukesha have started a group calendar.  We hope you will use it to inform about South East Progressive events.  To past the calendar:

<iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Official response from considering

Responded to Eilene that we would replace our calendar with theirs if they sent us the URL for their calendar so that we could fit it into our existing page format. 8/28/15 KR Edson, Webmaster

published This is a scratch pad for the web team in Web Team Notes 2015-06-04 21:49:29 -0500

This is a scratch pad for the web team

Hi -

This is a scratchpad for the web team until we get used to the PM software.

@KREdson1 tweeted link to Get 2 Work. 2015-03-17 15:48:27 -0500

Get 2 Work

Last year at the 6th Annual Festival we learned that how we frame what we say matters.

This year at the 7th Annual Festival we learned we needed to change our political vocabulary and think in terms of the vertical, not left and right.

 So Let’s

 G e t 2 W o r k

WGN will start small group discussions online using the Google+. The work from these teams will culminate in a focused breakout session at the 8th Annual Festival. Facilitators proficient in recognizing progressive FRAMING and “NINJA WORDS” will be available to critique the work upon request.

Familiarity with Google+ Hangouts and Google Documents is useful but not necessary. We will help you "get online" and learn to collaborate. Consider it a bonus for Getting to Work!

Web: Get2Work (linked to


 Join Now!

@KREdson1 tweeted link to volunteer for environmental issues. 2015-03-03 09:28:37 -0600
I signed up to volunteer for WisconsinGrassrootsNetwork. Join me!

Volunteer for Environmental Issues

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Environmental Action Group!

We are a small but dedicated group of activists scattered among several grassroots groups across the state who attempt to combine our voices into a statewide effort to be heard above the roar of the corporatist outcry of the mass media.

We need a variety of people who can work at home to provide research services as well as people in the Dane County area who would be able to show up at the Capitol as needed to provide bodies and voices in support of environmental issues.

In addition, West Central Wisconsin desperately needs committed and informed environmental support against the continuong assault of landscape removal mining proceding in support of hydraulic fracturing in shale formations to our west, south and east!


wants to volunteer 2014-11-11 14:32:45 -0600

Messaging Volunteer

The past thirty years have seen a steady growth in conservative media in the United States and Canada, to the point that "conservative" terminology is now the standard for discussing almost all points of public discourse! Our messaging group attempts to counteract that by preparing and disseminating carefully crafted messages using nontraditional channels in a way that (we hope) get people's attention and jog their minds out of their usual ruts.

To that end we are looking for some specific skills. You do NOT need ALL of these! Some of you will have a limited set - THAT is OK!!! All are welcome!



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Sand Trains

Sand mining in Wisconsin has become a big business since the explosive growth of hydraulic fracturing ("fracing") for oil and gas in other parts of the country and in Canada in the late 1990s.  This process requires the use of a "proppant" to hold open the cracks in the rock created by the pressure of the fracturing fluids so that the trapped fossil fuels can be forced out of the rock and extracted. Wisconsin sand is almost perfect for this purpose.


 DOTTED lines on the map mark sand train routes.

Sand train mishaps are much less "news worthy" than oil train problems, but they DO happen. Sand trains derail, spilling sand and destroying property along the tracks, the trains kill people, and the spillage from uncovered card is potentially hazardous to your health!

Here are some sand train mishap links for your review (not exhaustive and it will be added to as we discover more:

Chetek, WI, January 28, 2013 Frack Sand Train Derails

19 train cars derail in western Wisconsin  March 18, 2013 between Taylor and Wisconsin Rapids

More trains lead to more crashes with vehicles in Wisconsin - Chippewa Falls WI January 2013


Please note that Canada takes frac sand spills more seriously:

Alberta issues health advisory to residents after frac sand spill  (July 2014)


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New Page is great – everyone who lives near a railroad track needs to rad this!

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We now are including RAILROAD ISSUES, both positive and negative, as an environmental issue! Come join us!

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Worth multiple listens for the song and multiple views for the slideshow!

commented on Why The Federal Budget is Different From A Family Budget - An Illustrated Lesson 2014-08-15 21:46:01 -0500 · Flag
Great work, if I do say so m’self!

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Reminder – We all do better when we all do better.

Why This November ( and the time before) Matters!

Wisconsin has a significant choice to make between now and November 4, 2014. We can elect to do one of several things: we can sit on our hands, at home and do nothing about our future; we can talk to our friends and convince them to do something with us to change people's minds about the way that the state is going; or we can actively seek out others who may not know us to try to convince them that we need to change the way our state is going. 

Even if we do not particularly like the person at the head of the Democratic ticket, we MUST work for the Dems DOWN TICKET in November, especially in Senate races! If the Republicans hold the Governorship, the Senate AND the Assembly, with their conservative majority in the state Supreme Court, you can kiss the environment and local control over health and welfare of citizens goodbye. And plan on total corporate control of your and your children's lives for the next four years!

I, for one, am beginning to like Mary Burke, and I am willing to work for her, as an adjunct to my work for DOWN TICKET Dems. BUT, my focus is on the Assembly and Senate races - not particularly on the governor's race.

PLEASE WORK WITH MARY for Governor and vote for her in both August November! Remember that there are statewide Democratic partisan primaries on August 12 for Attorney General, GOVERNOR (Mary Burke vs. Brett Hulsey), Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer and a Dane County Democratic primary for Sheriff.  

wants to volunteer 2014-05-05 14:02:26 -0500

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Remember, ALL the members of the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate are up for re-election this November. Your vote is your voice – USE IT OR LOSE IT!

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