Political Advocacy Group

Political ADVOCACY is distinguishable from PARTISAN advocacy in that we want ALL citizens, members or not, to be involved in the political process. We are NOT recommending that they be involved on behalf of particular parties or candidates, although we will present information about candidates' positions on issues that matter to us and information about how to become better informed and how to become more involved in the political process.

We also recommend that citizens be aware of the corruption of the budgeting process by the current (as of 2016) G.O.P. incumbents, who use that process to pass POLICY changes as a part of a BUDGET bill in the DARK of night with NO PUBLIC DEBATE OR OVERSIGHT! Witness the change in Section 32 (Eminent Domain) that revised the wording from "corporation" to "business entity" so that it now includes ENBRIDGE LLP (a limited partnership) that operates four pipelines running the length of the state and is seeking to add a FIFTH! 

NEW ==> Additionally, 2015 changes in campaign finance legislation have DECREASED transparency of Wisconsin's campaign funding, making the recent "John Doe" revelations of The Guardian newspaper all the more important as we prepare for this November's election! CLICK HERE TO SIGN A PETITION TO REQUEST URGENT ACTION BY THE U.S. SUPREME COURT TO OVERTURN WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT DECISION TO SHUT DOWN INVESTIGATION AND BURN THE FILES!

One of the ways that people can be more involved in the political process is by defending local governments in the face of power grabs by state and federal officials! Please see HELP SAVE LOCAL CONTROL! for more information!