"Voters should choose their representatives. Representatives should not choose their voters."

"Shaped like a giant pistol sitting on its butt end,

Wisconsin's new 22nd state Senate District is Exhibit A

in the case against partisan redistricting."


"In the November election, only one state Senate race was competitive - defined as falling within a range of 55% to 45% or closer, says Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause Wisconsin. Only 14 of 99 Assembly districts were competitive."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Link Wisconsin should adopt fairer way to reapportion

We should have a better way. Taking redistricting and other election rule making out of the politicians hands should benefit our Democracy. I think any independent commission would do a better job of redistricting, especially if we had some general geographic rules requiring following county, city, village, township boundaries when ever possible. 
As far as getting more moderate candidates, I think the best we could hope for is that the campaign rhetoric might become more moderate. In an age where a wayward vote can get a well financed primary challenge, I fear even a true moderate politician will find themselves voting with the party line.

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  • commented 2012-12-27 17:34:46 -0600
    Boy, you said it! We won nicely at the national level this past election, but we got hammered in a lot of the state elections, including our own, much due to unfair redistricting done by Republicans in the majorities. Of course, we do it to them too when we’re in the majority, so our hands aren’t completely clean in this either. Welcome to American politics. Redistricting should be done by an independent, non-partisan panel.