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A perfect plan can let you have smooth shifting

Whatever you do you look for comfort, ease and the achievement of desired results. Every process in life you take needs some planning, tactics and time for its fruitful completion. You have planned to move to a new place, a new location with which you are unfamiliar with. Here comes the point when you are to relocate to a new city where everything is going to be new for you. But the question arises how packing and everything related to shifting will be done. You are too much occupied in your work and the family members are also indulged in their busy life then you feel really stressed that how this process will be carried. You don’t want to create any kind of mess for your shifting and all you want is smooth and hassle free migration. In this advanced era where availability of things can be done by paying and getting the services delivered at your place. With this you can hire the best movers and packers in your city to shift with comfort and an ease. In this article we will discuss the various things which can help you in smooth shifting and one perfect plan can work as a magical tool for your whole shifting process. Everything comes with some kind of hurdles but make sure you work on them with a positive strategy. This is again a process which needs to have patience and work with a calm mind. - A single plan will be helpful throughout the shifting process. Until and unless you won’t discuss the things with your family members you would not be able to come to the final decision. - You day, date and time will matter a lot for your relocating. You need to communicate with everyone so that you can together come with a date on which you will go to a new house. - Your whole planning process will include so many things like hiring which company, are they reliable or not, ask for referrals, never trust blindly, give time to plan everything and do not make sudden shifting plan as it can create the mess. - Try to look after the common date and time so that it can be a matter of convenience to all. - Do not over hype the things as it will not create the environment of tension rather will let you lose the valuables. - Make sure you clear the payments at your present address and try to cancel your bank accounts or get it shift to the new place location bank. - A good plan will not only help you in better time management rather will help you to do the whole moving process step-by-step. - Make sure you visit the moving companies to get their best price quotes and compare with other and book the best one which meets your requirements and budget.

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On WGN Festival page (and mailings) hyperlink speakers to bio on their organization's website.

Official response from completed

GREAT suggestion, Andy! We have implemented this suggestion and will continue this practice for all future Festivals!

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SE WI Progressive Events Calendar

Three groups, North Shore, Tosa, and Waukesha have started a group calendar.  We hope you will use it to inform about South East Progressive events.  To past the calendar:

<iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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Responded to Eilene that we would replace our calendar with theirs if they sent us the URL for their calendar so that we could fit it into our existing page format. 8/28/15 KR Edson, Webmaster

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