Visit to the Northland

This past weekend Bob Crego and Nate Timm represented WGN (Wisconsin Grassroots Network) at a meeting of the Bad River Tribe on the proposed northern WI iron mine. While there Nate also was able to testify at a Wis. legislative listening session which can be seen below: NOTE: Please continue to check back as more clips may continue to be posted or a complete video of the entire session may become available.

On their way home they traveled to the proposed area of the mine. The attached pictures will give you a chance to travel with them from Mellen WI (the home of Copper Falls State Park) to the gated entrance of the Phase 1 mining site. The below picture of the Penokee Range  is taken from Mellen after which they proceeded east on State Hwy 77  for about 4 miles



On their way, they passed the O'Dovero-Flesia dairy farm which was established in 1926. The family has operated the farm for five generations. They currently produce organic dairy products.



At the Lake Rd sign, they turned right and continued about 1 mile to the gate on the left marking the mine entrance. DSC_8941DSC_8958


The other pictures show the road to the mine and the beauty of the area along the road. The large white pine is an indication of some of the vegetation of the area.



We hope this brief tour of the proposed mine site gives you a feel for the area. This is the area that will be destroyed by the proposed open pit mine. 


Submitted by Nate Timm

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