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The beauty of contrasting opinions is that we can have them, express them, and still carry forward in a very constructive way, learning from one another. What is the use of never having different ideas or opinions? We then live in a lock-step world and continuing narrowing of mindsets. So a hearty welcome to different viewpoints. 

After a thorough review of both candidate's qualifications. I lean strongly towards the selection of Rhonda Lanford. Some of my criteria is personal, some more from the realm of factual. 

I will be brief in this postl, but may expand on it later. Am short of time. 

Rhonda has a long history of roots in Wisconsin, many more years in practice, a deeper immersion in Wisconsin Law, consequently. She is also a dedicated volunteer in a multitude of community services serving a wide range of individuals. 

If I were to choose, just via a bit of common sense. I would choose the more experienced candidate, in the law, and one who has actually brought cases before the court so as to be aware of both aspects of court prepping, the representational and the judicial. Rhonda has that since she has observed closely the judicial as she has brought cases before the Circuit Court. 

Rhonda is free of entanglement with the Walker Administration. That accounts for a strong plus. Just last year both Rebecca, at $4,000. and her husband, at $5,000.00, received merit bonuses from the Walker administration. Just the mere fact of the potential for influence from Walker is enough to foster concern. Walker's track record is not clean when it comes to employees of influence. It is unfortunate that there is this sort of connection, but until it runs its course, I feel less comfortable having confidence in anyone  having been appointed as well as having received a merit bonus after only a short time employed by Walker.  The mistrust of Walker extends to those he most strongly influences, and the potential for more influence.  Not a good feeling.   I am far more comfortable with someone like Rhonda who has no ties to Walker.  

Marcia Riquelme 

 I wish there were another way to put this, but that is my 2 cents.

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