2017 Breakouts

Session 1 
Speakers Discuss the Way Forward:
John Nichols, Kathleen Vinehout, Katherine Cramer
Communicating Values through Letter Writing: Bill Dagnon & Scott Wittkopf
The Grassroots Resistance - Council of Communities; A Collaborative Approach to Weighted Direct Democracy: Eric Upchurch
Barnstorm: Building Grassroots Power in Rural America: Sarah Lloyd
Responding to Climate Change in the Upper Midwest: Brian Zimmerman
The Global Ecological Collapse Happening Now & the Way Forward, Revisited: Michael Ippolito   also https://youtu.be/c1vcDyZbzjs
Election Integrity; Lessons Learned From the Recount: Karen McKim, Damian Christianson
Why Run for the County Board & Why Many Don’t: Tom Kriegl

Session 2  
Feedback From Candidates (2016):
Jesse Bennett, Dimitri Martin, Sarah Lloyd, Christine Welcher, Jeff Wright, George Ferriter
Above and Beyond the Politics of Resentment: How Best to Respond to Mad Times: Mike McCabe, Dr. Katherine Cramer, Scott Wittkopf    
The Grassroots Resistance - Beyond Bernie: Max Love, Peter Rickman, John Stanley, Bob Crego
Listening to Each Other and Taking Action (First breakout; The Concept): Sarah Shatz
Change the World with a Co-Pilot - Why You Need a Campaign Manager: Damian Christianson
Facing The Crisis of Our Age!  "The Great Turning!": Rebecca Kemble, Christa Bruhn, Michael Ippolito, Art & Dawn Shegonee
What’s a Woman Worth; The Impact of Gender on Retirement income: Joyce Luedke, Kathleen Marsh, Kay Johnson
Grassroots Organizing Workshop: Charles Uphoff  

Session 3  
The Fight for Public Education:
Professor Julie Mead   
Empowering Rural Progressives Through Regional Organizing: Nate Timm, Matt Schauenburg, Susan Jelly, Mike Gallagher
The Grassroots Resistance - Uniting Groups, Direct Action, & Political Action: David Williams, Max Love, Peter Rickman, Eric Upchurch, John Stanley  
Applying the Skills of Listening to Each Other (Second Breakout; A Practice Session): Sarah Shatz
Expanding the Progressive Voice Through Low Power Radio: Part 1  and Part 2: Mike Crute, Dominic Salvia, Bob Park, Mark Helpsmeet   
Beyond Borrowed Time: Michael Ippolito
United to Amend: the Movement to Reclaim our Republic is Growing - and You are Part of it: George Penn
Progressive values - why are they so important, what are they, and how do we communicate them?: Scott Wittkopf  
"Our Revolution"
- David Newby / Mary Kay Baum / Peter Rickman / John Stanley   

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