We need a state wide, SINGLE location where Progressive leaning organizations and those willing to associate with us can be seen, reached, and linked in such a manner that simplifies individual and collective efforts for outreach, coordination, research, and to post/coordinate activities and efforts in an efficient manner.

You could use such a site to coordinate state wide action days.  The participating groups could assist on another in developing event components, news letters, use online strategies to reduce travel needs, and to share local assets, such as local knowledge base resources over the net, so a local expert could perform real time presentations to sites around the state without need of travel, or to send out local updates.. Of course, they could use their collective strength to obtain improved access to prime media outlets.  The focuses could even be used to show support of local issues by other groups from around the state.

The possibilities are legion, and would be due to the simplification expansion of our networking options and possible partners.  Plenty of cues for this can be taken from our nations unions.  It's called "safety in numbers" and it's a lesson we sorely need to relearn.  


John Allen 76pc

John Allen