The USA - Going Pell-mell on the Wrong Path!

What would happen if the FBI used its tremendous resources to investigate and prosecute the criminals on Wall Street, in banks and in big business?  How about closing down the Mafia?

Chasing possible terrorists, searching elderly air travelers and chasing immigrants crossing our southern boarder has become an expensive, never ending, full employment program for certain federal agencies.

Yet the massive crimes related to mortgages and illegally setting high interest rates that have ruined our economy and financially damaged most American families and municipalities are not fully investigated and prosecuted.  The Justice Department says the banks are too big to prosecute.  Instead, the feds loan Wall Streeters and bankers trillions of dollars.

President Bush's illegal wars, torture and wiretapping are not prosecuted.   The Administration says, "We must look forward, not backward."  All the death, misery and expense he caused are swept under the rug.  And Obama continues the wars.

Anyone paying attention knows that kamikaze pilots in WWII and suicide bombers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot be stopped.  Men wishing to die killing innocent people will do so regardless of what is done.

We cannot encourage people living in dictatorships to try democracy by sticking a gun in their face.  We don't promote peace by terrorizing and killing innocent civilians with drones or midnight home raids.  We only create hatred.

America is on the wrong path leading to the destruction of our future.  No one is forcing us down this path - we are shoving ourselves.

We must stop, think, and turn around.

We need public jobs to put the unemployed to work in our schools and communities.  We must stop illegal wars, cut the military, raise taxes on the super-rich and corporations, close tax loopholes and start working harder for peace than we do war.

We must invest in ourselves - not in far off lands run by criminal war lords who hate us.  We must realize USA politicians and CEO's are not smart enough to run Washington, D.C. much less the world.

At home in the United States and WI we need prosperity - not austerity budgets.

Internationally, we must work with the United Nations and other countries to ask, "How we can work together to promote a more sustainable world, with less hunger, better health care and education, clean air and water and more freedom for all?"

Buzz Davis, member Veterans for Peace, Stoughton, WI

Davis is a former VISTA volunteer, Army officer who served in S. Korea during Vietnam, elected official, union organizer and a retired state government planner and senior activist.    [email protected]

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