Why Vote for Karen for Vice Chair Communications?

I was born in Eau Claire, and attended Michigan State University, graduating in 1968. During my freshman year, my Dad accepted a transfer to Los Angeles, so I started work in season-less Los Angeles! Here I learned that my college degree was worth less than the "wrong" set of gonads, kicking me in to a lifelong path of activism! And learned that I missed SEASONS, so I moved to OHIO. 

I continued to visit family in Wisconsin. I always felt that this state was HOME! In 2007, I accepted a consulting job with the State that was almost a dream come true: it used my technical writing skills, honed after more than 15 years of writing policy and procedures in both personnel an I.T.; it used my knowledge of the system that I had acquired in my last job in Ohio; AND it was back in WISCONSIN!

In late 2009, I lost my dream job in a budget cutback. The GOOD news is that I got a UNION job with the Dept. of Corrections! The BAD news is that I suffered from prescription-induced early-onset Alzheimers that caused me to lose my job because I could not learn my duties! My fault - no one else's.

Then, to cap off the run of bad luck, in 2011, I lost Bev, my partner of 28 years. This is Bev (on the right), her son Tyrone, his wife Carmen, and yours truly (on the left) in 2006. Thankfully, I have lost weight since then!  Since Bev's death, I became more involved with the DeForest/Windsor Area Grassroots and the Wisconsin Grassroots Network. I am webmaster for both organizations' websites. 

I am a multi-activist. I work against a variety of activities, for example: voter suppression, sloppy election procedures, money in politics, failure to support environment, failure to support public schools, hypocrisy of "right-to-life" advocates who do not care about a fetus after birth, etc.

I have served for the past two years as Assembly District Representative for the 37th AD to the Executive Board. I believe that I can do a better job because I am retired and can devote my full time to the duties of this position. I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE on NOV.8!