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Messaging Group including: Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign - includes links to works of George Lakoff and the Forward Institute. NOTE: this is the broad umbrella for groups that include the application of messaging such as the people who work on THIS WEBSITE, the people who work on and contribute to content for WISIGNINFO.COM, the people who work on our state-wide LETTERS to the editor campaigns, and the people who work on our state-wide SIGNAGE campaign! 

Political Advocacy Action Group - This group will be helping our grassroots groups to engage in non-partisan, community, political advocacy dedicated to the idea that "democracy is a VERB not a noun."  

United To Amend Group    This is now maintained by Wisconsin United to Amend. You will be LEAVING the Wisconsin Grassroots Network site through a NEW window. To return here, click the X at the TAB of the NEW window to close it.