All for One, One(s) for All!

All for One, One(s) for All! The current "shotgun” approach of leading citizens of individual states to seek the same legal precedents, all at the same time, only dilutes our combined energies. As we are already of like mind, it is possible to pick any ONE state to be the first to be the model on which all our inter-state resources can be focused. Once passing legislation in the first state, do each of the others by most likely. After the first state is “converted” and as momentum builds, states can be worked on “in parallel,” in increasing numbers, rather than sequentially. Doing so will make more efficient use of community resources, achieve initial and subsequent successes earlier and with less effort, and allow for more effective capture of, and adaptation to, lessons learned. Once we get 2/3rds, a Constitutional amendment will be in reach. This is the age old bundled vs single shafts of arrows tactic and “dominos” strategy. (Sent to [email protected] Please share to related.)

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