Antidote to Burnout- And a Political Flat Tire! YES WE CAN!

We Operated on the Political Road in 2010 with a 'Political Flat Tire'!   Flat Tire Politics=low focus and energy- but we can fix that Flat!  

We must 'live' our values by constantly keeping air in our progressive tires. The consequence of our lack of focus and energy in 2010 that gave us a Political Flat Tire. We were in store for a bitter lesson that keeps on teaching us what we 'earned' by thinking we didn't need to keep the air in our tires! To keep rolling, to be proactive!

Keeping on track is a daily exercise, or needs to be! This idea is best kept secret the right wing 'gets': political action needs to involve the daily 'air pressure check'.  If we agree our democracy, our 'Values-Vehicle', is critical to our well-being, we need daily 'air in our political tires'! Who ever got anywhere with a flat tire?  We didn't.  Mostly, we slacked off on the air pressure checks and the fuel supply. We assumed the vehicle would run well enough on lower octane, could roll uphill on less air pressure, and didn't take a clear look in the rearview mirror-- our opponents were catching up and passed us, throwing 'stopstick' spikes behind them towards us so we'd get more tire damage. They burst into the legislature with a secret toolkit of  A.L.E.C.-prepared legislation & tactics designed to eviscerate Progressive Wisconsin. Our flat tires are still aching. but hey, face it, we started out 2010 with 'flat tire motivation'.

Now we know what we need to do, don't we? Change that tire, fuel up, and get moving! 




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