Buy Your Ticket With PayPal

This page is designed to allow PURCHASE of tickets to the Wisconsin Grassroots Festival using PAYPAL. To use a CREDIT or DEBIT card, please click HERE.

To purchase tickets by MAIL, send your check or money order (PAYABLE to WISCONSIN GRASSROOTS NETWORK) to: Treasurer, Wisconsin Grassroots Network, 3953 Finch Trail, DeForest WI 53532. The amount of the check should be $25 times the number of tickets you will be buying. 

To use this site to purchase tickets with your PAYPAY account, you will need to FIRST figure the NUMBER of tickets you want to buy. THEN multiply this number times the $25 suggested donation (entry) charge to get the amount that you want charged to your PAYPAL account - NOTE, you will be leaving this website and going to PAYPAL to complete your transaction. 

You will receive a email from confirming your purchase. Please check your SPAM or JUNK MAIL folder if you have NOT received this confirmation within about a half hour from making your purchase.

Contributions are not tax deductible.