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  • commented on Dane County has critical judicial race for progressives - April 2 2013-03-14 16:40:52 -0500
    Beverly, I’m still trying to decide who to vote for for Dane County Circuit Court Judge. It’s nice to see this from you on WGN come up on the fist page of a Google search. I have to say though that for something that is “fact filled” there is a lot of conjecture here. The quotes from St John above may be accurate, but to say that based on those she is a “conservative” is absurd and it’s the kind of thing I have been seeing from Lanford’s campaign and supporters, which tends to push me in the other direction. I do much prefer to deal in facts. Can you site any decisions St John has handed down from the bench that you can find fault with?

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    Best Wisconsin Progressive Blogs

    As a project for the class associated with my internship I'm writing a report which could become an article on WGN website. The subject is:  the best progressive blogs in Wisconsin. I'd like to get as much input from others as possible so please tell me which ones are your favorites and why. Also let me know how I might be able to categorize them.  Thanks for the help!  Dan McClain

  • commented on Reply from Judge Rebecca St. John 2013-02-02 06:47:25 -0600
    Thanks for getting this straight from the Judge’s mouth, John. Most of us do still seek the truth, but it’s getting harder and harder to pick it out of all the rhetoric.