Consider the Source!

When you hear (or read) something that is SPECTACULAR (like "Betty White dyes quietly at home!), Please check it out before sending it on to your entire contact list! In this case, Betty White COLORS her hair (dyes) at home but many of her fans thought she had passed on (DIED).

General warning: be sure to check out a website that something is posted on! Example: LOOKS like a site that might have good stuff BUT BEWARE! It is FULL of conspiracy theories! 

Good places to check out information you hear or get from email include:

Urban Legends (like the 9/11 stories, living shrimp or insects in Chinese jewelry, etc.): or Urban Legends Online. Other good ones in this category are Truth or and  And again, PLEASE, before you forward an email to your entire contact list, check one of these sites out to verify its claims!

Fact checking of a more serious kind: 

SourceWatch - a unit of the Madison WI-based Center for Media and Democracy, "SourceWatch profiles the activities of front groups, PR spinners, industry-friendly experts, industry-funded organizations, and think tanks trying to manipulate public opinion on behalf of corporations or government." - a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center - a "service" of the Tampa Bay Times

For more politically BIASED fact checking, try: Media, which focuses on false conservative claims. focuses on “liberal media bias” from its perspective on the right.