Dollarocracy: John Nichols - May 22, 2014


46:44 we have this crisis situation
46:45 where politics is so defined by money so narrowed
46:49 in its range of options, that it is a democratic meltdown
46:54 to think of it differently is absurd, if you just put your head up above and
46:57 look around you realize the absurdity the thing
47:00 10 billion dollars on election, negative ads flooding our Airways, our media not
47:04 covering our politics in any kind a meaningful way,
47:06 brothers and sisters we just gotta fix it' I'm sorry'
47:10 I really apologize for coming to this library Kansas City and saying that you
47:13 have work ahead of you.
47:15 but you have work ahead of you, the fact of the matter is
47:18 we're going to have to amend the constitution of the united states to say
47:22 money is not speech corporations are not people
47:26 and we have a right to organize elections where the
47:29 dollar matters less than the vote.

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  • John Scepanski
    commented 2014-05-27 19:55:49 -0500
    John Nichols is something else, Tim, isn’t he! We could use about a hundred more like him. Thanks for this video. John