Instructions for Election Integrity Observers

Election activities can be separated into two groups: Those that have to do with casting votes, and those that have to do with counting votes.  Many well-established groups offer instructions on how to observe the casting of votes. The WGN Election Integrity Action Team encourages anyone interested in observing voting on Election Day to get in touch with one of those groups.

We are offering instructions that focus only on observing the processes related to counting votes. We are committed to encouraging citizens to observe these processes because we believe the risk of miscounted results is currently the least appreciated serious threat to American election integrity, and the presence of citizen observers can help to ensure that elections officials perform these tasks well.

General Instructions for Observers - Online  - Printable version

Instructions for Observing Pre-Election Voting-Machine Tests- Online  - Printable version

Instructions for Observing Poll-closing - OnlinePrintable version

Instructions for Observing County Canvass Meetings - Online -Printable version

Instructions for Observing Post-election Audits - Online - Printable version


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