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It's time to support legislation changing Wisconsin's redistricting process

One of the hardest things, I think, about being a good citizen is to pay attention and work for improvements when there is no immediate crisis. There are just so many other d**ned crises to work on!

Every ten years, Wisconsin citizens are disgusted with our highly politicized process of redrawing legislative district boundaries in response to the decennial census, and every ten years we let it slide. Because we did not pay enough attention to the issue of our state's redistricting procedures a decade ago, Wisconsin currently has a legislature and a congressional delegation that reflect the will of the Republican Party more than they reflect the will of the electorate.

It's time to stop this madness.  Jay Heck, of Common Cause, writes in today's Wisconsin State Journal

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Mainstream media has finally found their "first known" case of electronic election tampering!

Last July, alert elections officials in the Miami-Dade jurisdiction noticed a puzzling pattern in requests for absentee ballots and discovered the first case of electronic election fraud to get some serious, if not timely, mainstream media attention. NBC News, the Miami Herald, and the Huffington Post, among others, are reporting that thousands of absentee ballots were being requested...

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Meeting with Scott McDonell, Dane County Clerk, about machine replacement

On Wednesday, I met with Scott McDonell, the new Dane County Clerk. Dane County will be replacing their voting machines soon, and I wanted to find out what the process for selecting the machines would be (state law requires we use them), and what McDonell was considering, if anything specific yet. Finally, I wanted to make sure he knew that "Direct-recording electronic machines" (DREs, or machines that do away with paper ballots) would not be acceptable. Here's what I told him, and what I found out.

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They also Deserve a Vote #TheyDeserveAVote




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How Re-Districting Skewed the 2012 Election

In 2010, the US Bureau of the Census conducted the decennial census of population, as required by the US Constitution. This was the second Census that I worked on. Despite running into people who did not realize that the first such census occurred in 1790, it was a real pleasure to participate in this process. What came after, however, was different.

Once the Bureau published the population numbers (not "personally identifiable"), the politicians in all 50 states got to work redrawing congressional district (and other political unit) boundaries. In Wisconsin, this task was delegated to a private law firm meeting in secret, with the latest in geographic information systems, so they could draw boundaries at the census tract level. This is the lowest level at which census data is available and is the reason that a map of Wisconsin's Assembly and Congressional Districts looks like some of them grew warts.

As it seems, the private firm had some outside assistance. Please refer to the following blog from our Teamster brethren:




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Indiana legislator proposes ban on touch-screen machines

The legislator himself says he doesn't expect the bill to go anywhere; he just wants to draw some attention to the problems. Story here. I'm going to give a prize to the first clerk who, when presented with concerns about the integrity of voting machines, responds by addressing those concerns rather than reflexively whining about cost or workload. 

Not that cost and workload are not legitimate considerations, but it doesn't help their case when they continuously seem to be trying to change the subject from the accuracy and reliability of their machines. I'm reminded of a cartoonish used-car salesman who, when a customer complains the steering wheel is loose and the brake pedal floppy, says "But you can't beat the price!"

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John Nichols' ideas: Constructive response to Electoral College rigging

I love it when the discussion turns constructively to "What can we DO about it?" And I love these ideas that John Nichols describes in today's Cap Times, for how we should respond to the Republican Party's plan to rig the results of future presidential elections in favor of whichever party most recently gerrymandered the congressional districts.   

In short: 

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Grand Theft Election

"If a Republican plan to rig the Electoral College had been in effect in 2012, however, it is reasonably likely that President Romney would be the one meeting with his new cabinet officials in the Oval Office. Under current law, most states allocate all of their electoral votes to the winner of the state as a whole. This Republican Plan to rig future elections, however, would change this in several blue states"

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Which election integrity issues concern you NOW?

In a world where rabid partisans continuously seek new ways to manipulate elections, a grassroots organization with a democracy-protection mission must be ready to defend honest, fair elections. 

So Wisconsin Grassroots Network has Election Integrity Workgroup. Now we need to focus: What is our mission? What do we want to accomplish? 

In the past year, we worked on one goal:

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