Election Integrity WorkGroup Projects

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Election Integrity Projects

In Fall 2014, the Elections Integrity Workgroup is working on the following projects:

Promoting citizen observer of vote-counting tasks.

Several well-established and well-respected groups operate programs that train and support citizens to observe the process of casting votes on Election Day. However, no similar programs exist to promote citizen observation of election-administration tasks related to counting our votes. Without responsible citizen observation, local election officials can develop idiosyncratic ways of performing necessary tasks, or even skip them entirely.

These tasks include:

  • Pre-election voting machine tests. Each machine needs to be set up specifically to read ballots and count votes for the unique set of offices, candidates, and referenda before each election. Because errors can be made in this set-up, law requires that every voting machine must produce an publicly-observable error-free count within the 10 days before each election.
  • Poll-closing activities, which create a record of the election, to allow for valid recounts or audits at a later date. ...

If you want more information about this effort or want to volunteer to help, please email Karen McKim at [email protected] with your name and contact information.

Project: Pose questions to candidates for County Clerk and State Legislature.

The Elections Integrity Workgroup has developed a list of questions that we recommend all citizens, newspapers, and public-interest groups pose to candidates in the November 2012 elections who are running for County Clerk, State Assembly, or State Senate.

These questions can be found here.


Project: Educate local elections officials to encourage the use of voter-marked paper ballots.

The Elections Integrity Workgroup is sending a letter to each county’s Board of Canvassers with information about the weaknesses in electronic elections technology that are outside their control and suggestions about how they can protect the integrity of elections in their county by enabling and encouraging the use of voter-marked paper ballots.


Project: Monitor and advocate with the Wisconsin Legislature for election integrity.

The Elections Integrity Workgroup has decided to support Sen. Mary Lazich’s June audit request for a Legislative Audit Bureau audit of election integrity issues with an expanded scope that includes election-integrity issues. We have been in touch with Sen. Lazich’s staff and with the staff of Joint Legislative Audit Committee co-chair Kathleen Vinehout to express our interest and request the opportunity to testify at the hearing on this audit request.

Other efforts (Fall 2012):

Efforts are still underway, as of early October 2012, to finish hand-counting paper ballots from the June 5 recall elections to audit the reported machine-counted totals in the governor’s race. Waukesha county is still on the agenda!

For more information or to volunteer with Hand Count Votes Now!, visit the website of HCVN’s coalition partner, Wisconsin Wave, at http://wisconsinwave.org/handcount.

You can also contact organizer Margy Lambert of HCVN coalition directly at [email protected]

 Please contact Karen McKim through [email protected] if you would like more information, would like to share some information, or  be put on the group’s email distribution list.

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