Environmental Issues

This is a holding page for PROPOSED environmental working group(s). At a minimum, this page will contain links to resources on the following topics: AIR, DEEPWATER OIL DRILLING, FARMS AND FOOD, GLOBAL WARMING, HYDRAULIC FRACKING, MINING (SAND and METALLIC), NUCLEAR, PIPELINES, WATER, and whatever other environmental catastrophes people wish to suggest. Not all of these pages will become active at once. Please be patient as we explore the needs of our audience, both grassroots groups and individuals. If we are missing links on topics of interest to YOU, please share them in the "How We Can Improve Our Website" page. We appreciate your input and particularly your time and effort when you volunteer to help!

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MINING - this page will be transitioning to the DeForest Area Progressives site in the near future

PIPELINES - This page is being maintained by 350Madison.

RAILROAD ISSUES -  This covers both oil trains (aka "bomb trains") and sand trains.