Environmental Crisis via Tiffany Legislation -Help Stop This!

We still need to contact our town,county,and state legislators!  Write them, call them!  It's not over yet! 

How you can help prevent SB 349 from happening. Your voice counts: 


1. Call Your own Legislators about SB 349, the Tiffany Legislation and ask them to vote No on it.

2. Get all your contacts to do the same.

3. Call your local town, village, county officials and ask them if they about SB 349, which may cause the takeover of local air, water, and land-use regulation.

4. Attend the Hearing, 9am, Oct 24 at Capitol Room 411 South 

5.Attend Noon Protest Rally outside Capitol- State Street Steps, invite friends, family, colleagues. 

6. Write Letters to Editors and ask your friends to do the same. 

7. Create and place signs protesting this legislation in your yard and anywhere you are permitted. 

8. Call local Radio talk shows and explain why this legislation is out of line with Wisconsin traditions and rights.

Protest the legislation SB 349 relating to Local Regulation ALL local Wisconsin air, water, land-use, making the DNR the only unit of government able to set legal regulations of water and air quality, land-use management for all cities, villages, towns, counties in Wisconsin. News stating this is just a mining law are misleading. This affects all resources of Wisconsin!  

DNR will not have enough employees to efficiently oversee the actual carrying out of the law, nor does the DNR view itself as a regulatory agency, only a 'permitting' agency! This is based on a statement by Cathy Stepp, the Director of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Many Environmental Organizations are concerned about this legislation. Here is a partial list of Organizations you can speak with to get additional information and suggestions:

Madison Action for Mining Alternatives - M.A.M.A. 

Wisconsin Muir Chapter Sierra Club

League of Conservation Voters

Midwest Environmental Advocates

Crawford Stewardship Project



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