the best legislative research tool to Understand Congress!


Curious about how our U.S. Congress works for us?

Need or want to know about legislation your congressperson has sponsored or written?

What do they do in Congress?

Here is the place to start discovering what in the world is going on in Congress:  is the most comprehensive and free site tracking legislation, their voting record,  the bills they author or sponsor, the committees your legislators serve on, the legislative hearing and voting schedule, the legislative calendar of the House and Senate, (when legislation is up for a hearing, being debated, or due for a vote!)

The website  offers many other details you might be interested to know.  For instance HOW to contact your legislator, where their offices are in your state and in D.C. and links to information resources in the government agencies we sponsor with our taxes, including a link to congressional records available through: Government Resources - THOMAS (Library of Congress) › THOMAS Home

The Library of Congress THOMAS site provides a collection of resources for current and ... Links to Congressional information from official and non-official sources. ... Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress: 1774 to Present · Women in government ...

Using, a searcher can:  Literally track the path of the legislation through the whole process of becoming a law, indicate which legislator/s to follow, which pieces of legislation to receive emailed updates on, and in which way (daily, weekly, etc). This information will be automatically emailed to the searcher. What a great reference site AND ITS FREE!

New info about this link:  - has won an award of excellence in sites offering truthful information to the public:

UPDATE – Sept 2, 2012 – Last week GovTrack was honored to be named a Model of Excellence in innovation around content and data by DataContent and the InfoCommerce Group. Thanks guys! They wrote:

[GovTrack] addresses an increasingly important and complex challenge: finding, understanding, and tracking government legislation. GovTrak is a well-executed example of how the combination of data, tools, and analytics can deliver power to those who are seeking the truth.

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