Grassroots Northshore is organizing a GAB-protection effort

GrassrootsNorthshore.jpgKathleen Michel, working with the Grassroots Northshore, an affiliate of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network, is organizing a "rapid response team" to protect Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board from attacks designed to exert partisan control over Wisconsin's elections.

Poetically (and accurately), she characterizes the GAB as a "vital, non-partisan brick in the architecture of fair elections and clean government.

The group's webpage contains a useful summary of the history of the GAB and a list of useful links for more information.

Even if  you don't live anywhere near Milwaukee's North Shore communities, theirs is a good lead to follow. I'm joining their effort in this, and encourage you to do so, too. 

Please share their link widely!

--Karen McKim, Coordinator, Wisconsin Election Integrity Action Team


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