Help Fund Grassroots Folks to Netroots Nation!

Hi -

We are Karen Edson and Marcia Riquelme, of the DeForest Area Progressives and the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Task Force! We are asking for your help in earning our expenses to cover our trip to Netroots Nation 2015 July 16-19 in Phoenix AZ!

This will be our second trip to this fantastic gathering of over 2,000 progressive, electronically savvy folks from all over the United States and many other countries as well. We hope to bring back skills and information which we will be happy to share with you in the areas of: Facebook management and advertising; Twitter management; psychology of both donors and voters; design of messages, websites, Facebook pages and tweets for maximum responses; how to improve your group’s use of digital tools; fighting back against Corporatocracy; planning for 2020 redistricting; and many, many, more!

To see the wonderful panels and training available, with my annotations of “desirable” sessions (bolded) and “not applicable” or “useless” (red comments), please use the link:

Or if you want to see the full agenda, without annotations, use this link:

Marcia and I figure that $1,800 will cover all expenses, including food. We have already paid for our registration. By paying for this LAST YEAR, we have saved over $220 compared to registering now! We have also locked in the conference hotel for $534 (including taxes for TWO people). This is the cheapest rate for a hotel within walking distance of the Convention Center.  We estimate airfare will run $300 for Marcia, flying from Seattle, and $300 for me (estimate as of 6/14, flying from Chicago O’Hare, since one of the DeForest Area Progressives has volunteered to drive me and pick me up!)  

If you are willing to help us out with our expenses, and want to indicate a specific session you would want to “sponsor,” we will be willing to meet with you and your group in person to share what we have learned at “your special session!” Please contact Karen at to indicate which session you want to sponsor - it will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

If you are willing to help us out with our expenses but are not ready to sponsor a full session, any contribution will be welcome! We will share our notes with all contributors with our deepest thanks! As of June 23, we have received cash and pledges of $550.00! 

Thanks so much for your interest!

Karen Edson, Webmaster Wisconsin Grassroots Network






Contributions are not tax deductible.

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