Hot Coffee: Prize-Winning Must See Documentary

The Documentary Hot Coffee informs us on the concerns consumers must know to be aware how to protect themselves from irresponsible business practices in our very ordinary lives. This documentary, being sponsored for viewing by the Wisconsin Association for Justice, is available to all the Wisconsin Grassroots Network just by contacting   Please visit the link for the trailer for Hot Coffee:

As a grassroots network, we owe it to ourselves to be aware of the issues displayed in Hot Coffee and help others to be better informed.   

In addition, to understand how the Walker administration working towards removal of responsibility by businesses for the mistakes and poor consumer protections in the products they produce or services they provide, please go to the following link:


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  • commented 2013-02-08 12:35:37 -0600
    Rhonda Lanford, an attorney from the Wisconsin Association of Justice led a discussion and answered our questions after Middleton Action Team showed the Hot Coffee documentary at our local library. I was so impressed I went up to her afterwards and told her she should run for Supreme Court. I’m happy that she is running for Dane County Circuit Court Judge. See my blog why I think every progressive should vote for Rhonda in the “2 Cents” blog.

    The Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) is the state’s trial lawyer association. WAJ’s mission is to promote a fair and effective justice system – one that ensures justice for all, not just a privileged few.
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    Hot Coffee: Prize-Winning Must See Documentary
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