In the interest of full disclosure: I have a relative who lives in Texas. My second cousin, or first cousin once removed, whatever you call your first cousin's kid. He is white, his long time girlfriend is not. She is lovely and fully accepted by the rest of our Wisconsin family. So we, at least seem to have accepted "multiculturalism." Buuut, we are not sure about Texas.

Texas has accepted RACIAL multiculturalism: they have the Castro twins but Texas seems to be in the NINETEENTH century when it comes to women. They want them pregnant and not voting (apparently, at least from this northern lady's perspective).  Let's look at the record:

Earlier this year, a nice young woman named Wendy Davis pulled a real fillibuster (in Texas, ya gotta do it the old fashioned way) to try to keep the state from passing a law severely restricting women's access to abortion. Now, I think that abortion is something that should be left to a woman and her doctor with the government staying out of the way (except to help pay when necessary) and I do agree with an "old time" feminist named Flo Kennedy who said that if men could have babies, abortion would be a sacrament. Welllll, Wendy kept talking until the legislature closed down before the bill could come up for a vote! It made Governor Perry so mad - he just up and called the legislature back for a special session, just so they could pass that stupid abortion bill!

Now, that Wendy Davis, she's running  for Governor of Texas! And don't you know, those Republicans have another whole bunch of aces up their sleeves to keep all those Texas women from voting for her. 

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