We had established three general categories of blogs:

1)  Working group blogs are where the Action Work Groups can share information relating to their work. This does not mean that no one else can post INFORMATION here. It just means that OPINIONS are not generally wanted on these blogs. Just the facts, please.


2)  Opinion blogs have been discontinued due to lack of member interest. If you wish to RESTART an opinion blog, please register a suggestion with "How to Improve our Website." If there is sufficient interest over a short period of time, we will reopen an opinion blog.


3) Shared blogs were blogs for and or from grassroots groups that are affiliated with the Wisconsin Grassroots Network. Since we are the "connective tissue of the Network," we will share information among groups who wish to share it with the other members of the Network via these pages, among other methods. Under this category were a blog for the South Central Grassroots Alliance, our Regional group within Wisconsin's Second Congressional District, and a link to the DeForest Area Progressives meeting notes. The intent is that, as the Regional Alliances develop, we will MIRROR their blog pages here, and offer our specialist blogs to them on the same basis. Both of these sites have been DISCONTINUED AS OF APRIL 2018.

The Wisconsin Grassroots Network reserves the right to edit or remove any blog post  that is found to be offensive in language or contrary to civil dialog. 

 Comments have been shut off for this page. Please post comments as a blog post.