Reaching out!

If you could do something about Cancer, wouldn't you?

If just bringing a couple of friends to a meeting to stop a loved one from becoming deathly ill, you more than likely would.

There is a cancer that is attacking the western part of this state, and it is spreading like some kind of horrible epidemic across the land.

Maybe you don't know enough about this cancer? Maybe you think sandstone mining is a good thing?  But this insidious blight, is ecologically and economically irresponsible and the damage it is doing to businesses, health, the land scape, other states (via Sand Fracking) communities, families, government, roads and over all well being, is not worth the crumbs it gives to out of area workers, not to mention the depreciative value it has on mass spread property and the destruction of top soil.

How can we fight this rotting disease from taking even more of the flesh of Wisconsin? We can raise an army. An Army of informed people, who will apply the cure by spreading the word. We are the penicillin, the shot in the arm that will stop this rotting skin from taking over pristine hills and farmland. We will stop it from leaving a bigger scar across the drift-less area in Wisconsin and keep it away from the door steps of other communities.

On July 20, the Wisconsin Grassroots Network will be showing the movie "The Price of Sand" and host a panel of experts on sandstone mining. These experts will cover the bases of why this mining is so detrimental and why it is actually bad for MANY businesses.  This Event will take place at the BEST WESTERN PLUS on university avenue. It will be a day for progressives to celebrate as we have not only a Progressive Partners meeting in the morning, but we will have an action that we can take directly afterward.

I implore, everyone who reads this, pull a friend or family member (or more) and come to this event. We will be looking for solutions to this problem and with your help the cure will already be on the way. Invite someone who you know or who may have never even thought of what sandstone mining is. Our cure and preventative is education and the light of knowledge. Our failure is our failure to dress and heal a wound that is destructive on so many levels. Come be part of the Wisconsin cure and Vaccine. Our Neighbors need our support to fight off this disease and we must protect ourselves lest it make everyone sick, I know I'm beginning to feel queasy all ready from it!

More information will be posted soon, at this site. Be on the look out for it!


John Stanley

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