Why This November ( and the time before) Matters!

Wisconsin has a significant choice to make between now and November 4, 2014. We can elect to do one of several things: we can sit on our hands, at home and do nothing about our future; we can talk to our friends and convince them to do something with us to change people's minds about the way that the state is going; or we can actively seek out others who may not know us to try to convince them that we need to change the way our state is going. 

Even if we do not particularly like the person at the head of the Democratic ticket, we MUST work for the Dems DOWN TICKET in November, especially in Senate races! If the Republicans hold the Governorship, the Senate AND the Assembly, with their conservative majority in the state Supreme Court, you can kiss the environment and local control over health and welfare of citizens goodbye. And plan on total corporate control of your and your children's lives for the next four years!

I, for one, am beginning to like Mary Burke, and I am willing to work for her, as an adjunct to my work for DOWN TICKET Dems. BUT, my focus is on the Assembly and Senate races - not particularly on the governor's race.

PLEASE WORK WITH MARY for Governor and vote for her in both August November! Remember that there are statewide Democratic partisan primaries on August 12 for Attorney General, GOVERNOR (Mary Burke vs. Brett Hulsey), Lieutenant Governor and State Treasurer and a Dane County Democratic primary for Sheriff.  

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