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The time is ripe for all of us who care about our communities, state,nation, and life on this planet to join together in harmony and become the grassroot voice that leads us in the best direction. 

I invite you to join me and many others by way of entering the world of grassroots efforts to accomplish this achievable goal! It is achievable if we all determine it is! That simpe! 


Glad you are visiting this site and look forward to meeting you online and perhaps someday in person! 

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  • Threatened Wisconsin Idea - a disdain for Education for starters!

    • No politician is elected on the basis of a post secondary degree in the USA. The criteria is community service, activities in public office, and reputation earned in the process. Today, reputation is purchased more often than not via promoters who know their contributions to a candidate will garner them advantages during the term of the candidate. The potential of the candidate to be 'bought' is enhanced by the Supreme Court decision nicknamed: Citizens United. This decision reflects the Supreme Court's inclination to define a corporation as a person, and the 'speech' of that 'person' includes how it spends its money. Ensuring 'freedom of speech' to include 'freedom of expression by money-expenditures'. The definition of 'personhood' has become so convoluted, we are in deep trouble as to how influence can be purchased by 'corporate people'-- as a teacher, I've never had a corporate person ask for an education, nor have any of my nurse friends delivered a corporate baby, nor have any people in the funeral industry 'buried' a corporate person in their cemeteries..... and so forth..

      Scott Walker, however, has received millions of dollars from these questionable 'corporate persons'. Money buys influence and that influence flows both way as a matter of course.

      It is my opinion that if Scott Walker had completed his college education, he would have emerged better prepared to discern the ethics of this situation, better prepared to understand the Wisconsin Idea and respect it, better prepared to understand ecology, the delicate environment of his state, the rights of the voters to have better access to the vote instead of restricting voting, better able to see why societies are better when everyone does better. A lack of finishing education is a lack of availing oneself of a type of enrichment that can't help but enhance the opportunity to appreciate the value of all public education, protection of health of citizens, protection of local control to vital resources, equality of all citizens, respect for all voters.

      Instead, we have a governor lacking in common sense, weak enough to be shaped by those who contribute heartily to his campaigns, and who will expect his hearty cooperation to achieve advantages to their corporate bottom line, often not even in Wisconsin. A cutter of public programs serving to strengthen communities, health, studies of how to protect public health, air, water, soil, and providing for those who take those actions.

      The governor of Wisconsin is a traitor to the well-being of Wisconsin, his flawed educational exposure very likely contributed to the many failures he is hiding behind while being the puppet of corporate greed. This demonstrates a lack of education in the highest degree. We could say he has a post-graduate degree in mis-educationl


  • Tremendous Graphic tells which 6 companies control all media

    Please follow link showing how ownership of public media has "shrunk" from 50 major companies to just six.  This is something easily backed up by checking Wikipedia.  The interconnections are fascinating,and,as far as my opinion, shockingly worrisome.  Look for the graphic at Frugal Dad Media, 

  • commented on Why we need to WORK! 2014-07-27 22:02:23 -0500
    If only 50% of the progressive voters vote, we will stop the 1% from continuing their attack on our values and quality of life! If 100%of us vote, we will ensure a place in world history! Be the history that must work for change: your vote will do it!

  • commented on Community Bill of Rights 2014-07-23 08:06:30 -0500
    Agree strongly we should study and perhaps pursue creating our own Community Bill of Rights

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  • commented on George Lakoff, Keynote speaker 2014 2014-01-28 22:34:08 -0600
    Don’t miss this event, it is a blockbuster of great speakers and breakout sessions with lunch included! Our brilliant Keynote speaker, George Lakoff tops our list including John Nichols, Mike McCabe and CEO of the Center for Media and Democracy, Lisa Graves

  • commented on Bob Fest Table 2014-01-18 06:48:58 -0600
    Hi Beth, How about bringing whatever display re Progressive Partners to the Wisconsin Grassroots Festival, March 22nd 2014? This event will be a blockbuster this year. I’ll tell you more about it this next Saturday, at the Progressive Partners meeting in Windsor (Jan 25 2014)

  • commented on How to win every political conversation 2014-01-16 12:16:16 -0600
    To ‘win’ a political conversation is a vague goal. Deciding how to frame your part of the discussion is what makes for good point-making success. If we regularly express our ‘points’ via values issue framing, we avoid reinforcing the very concepts we wish to alter while setting out the progressive value we wish to promote. 98% of thought is unconscious. The 2% we use is most effectively done via personal values ‘stories’. During a time of pre-election conversations, we can plan ahead about how we will choose to express ourselves and have a ‘kit bag’ of concepts we wish to frame in a way they can be ‘heard’. The more we attempt to use the ideas we keep ready to share, the more we mainstream those values and issues. It is a matter of practice and desire for consistency. Yes, we must decide what we hope to include in our conversations, it is a great goal, and makes us far more effective! It does require planning for consistency while flexing with the conversation!

  • commented on Chat, Chat, Chat! 2013-12-07 11:58:15 -0600
    Ve vill try to accomplish

  • commented on Wisconsin Grassroots Groups 2013-03-30 08:32:43 -0500
    Anyone who wishes to connect with us, encourage others to become part of a network of progressives growing in Wisconsin. Each connected group is unique and progressive. No dues, no attendance rules.

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  • commented on With Sorrow I Report - Walker to Sign Mining Bill in Rhinelander 2013-03-12 09:02:02 -0500
    Good researching, Karen! We are very upset about the deceit of Walker —staging events so filled with false premises! He is a spendthrift hypocrit, and a very dangerous one at that!

  • Support of Rhonda Lanford

    The beauty of contrasting opinions is that we can have them, express them, and still carry forward in a very constructive way, learning from one another. What is the use of never having different ideas or opinions? We then live in a lock-step world and continuing narrowing of mindsets. So a hearty welcome to different viewpoints. 

    After a thorough review of both candidate's qualifications. I lean strongly towards the selection of Rhonda Lanford. Some of my criteria is personal, some more from the realm of factual. 

    I will be brief in this postl, but may expand on it later. Am short of time. 

    Rhonda has a long history of roots in Wisconsin, many more years in practice, a deeper immersion in Wisconsin Law, consequently. She is also a dedicated volunteer in a multitude of community services serving a wide range of individuals. 

    If I were to choose, just via a bit of common sense. I would choose the more experienced candidate, in the law, and one who has actually brought cases before the court so as to be aware of both aspects of court prepping, the representational and the judicial. Rhonda has that since she has observed closely the judicial as she has brought cases before the Circuit Court. 

    Rhonda is free of entanglement with the Walker Administration. That accounts for a strong plus. Just last year both Rebecca, at $4,000. and her husband, at $5,000.00, received merit bonuses from the Walker administration. Just the mere fact of the potential for influence from Walker is enough to foster concern. Walker's track record is not clean when it comes to employees of influence. It is unfortunate that there is this sort of connection, but until it runs its course, I feel less comfortable having confidence in anyone  having been appointed as well as having received a merit bonus after only a short time employed by Walker.  The mistrust of Walker extends to those he most strongly influences, and the potential for more influence.  Not a good feeling.   I am far more comfortable with someone like Rhonda who has no ties to Walker.  

    Marcia Riquelme 

     I wish there were another way to put this, but that is my 2 cents.

  • commented on Canadian Native American perspective on the world 2013-03-09 16:03:41 -0600
    Ron, so glad you posted this. It is long but worthy of a loving read. Rips my heart. I saw a parallel, however, the WGN and all our friends are beginning to form the sort of collaborative push-back similar to the Idle No More. We have a great deal to learn from them, and from one another!

  • commented on Public Hearing Scheduled in Northland 2013-01-29 11:37:45 -0600
    This shows that citizens can insist and push for better hearing locations and more time to review impending legislation. We must continue to insist on being heard, and even more, being respected! Who represents whom? We forget WE pay the salaries of those who have tried to shut us out! This is a victory and more hearings are needed!

  • Special Social Media Workshop Meeting, Jan 7th at DAP office 6pm

    Three very experienced Social Media (electronic) resource folks from our own Progressive contacts and groups will offer us hands-on guidance on using facebook, twitter, our website, and how to post great news, images, and comments on our website and other places we choose! This is how the world is communicating these days! We are lucky to have friends and colleagues who are happy to help us tune up our skills, learn for 1st time, and discover our progressive voices online! 

    Join us for refreshments (some rich donor will spring for pizza if you bring your beverage you'll like it even better!)  -- good company and great discoveries about Social Media and growing our grassroots outreach! Yes We Can!  See you at 6:00pm, Jan 7th! 

  • commented on United to Amend (UTA) / (WGN) partnership. 2013-01-01 08:47:57 -0600
    Hope to see the latest news, actions and projects underway with Move to Amend/getting rid of Money in Politics!

  • commented on Mapping Sand Mining in Wisconsin 2013-01-01 08:39:48 -0600
    Thanks, Karen, this is a dramatic map! Wisconsin is being ravaged by the sand-miners! I hope visitors online will take note! Tweet, and alert folks around the state, and in their communities.