How to win every political conversation

How do you win a political conversation? I blog about political conversation skills, and here's my slightly flippant answer to that question.

The key is deciding what exactly you want to win in the conversation, and then going for it.

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  • Karen McKim
    commented 2014-01-17 17:37:01 -0600
    Marcia, I agree. My post was written just this side of tongue-in-cheek, since I get so tired of the expectation that a conversation can be “won.” Like you, I think our focus should be on how much mutual understanding the conversation is creating, not whether either participant is ‘winning.’

    So yeah, a better objective is ‘point-making.’ I suspect the key to successful conversations by that measure (points made) is being very aware of whether both of the participants in the conversation understand the point and accept it as valid with reference to their own values. That, I think, is the difference between a ‘talking point’ and a ‘made point.’
  • Marcia Riquelme
    commented 2014-01-16 12:16:16 -0600
    To ‘win’ a political conversation is a vague goal. Deciding how to frame your part of the discussion is what makes for good point-making success. If we regularly express our ‘points’ via values issue framing, we avoid reinforcing the very concepts we wish to alter while setting out the progressive value we wish to promote. 98% of thought is unconscious. The 2% we use is most effectively done via personal values ‘stories’. During a time of pre-election conversations, we can plan ahead about how we will choose to express ourselves and have a ‘kit bag’ of concepts we wish to frame in a way they can be ‘heard’. The more we attempt to use the ideas we keep ready to share, the more we mainstream those values and issues. It is a matter of practice and desire for consistency. Yes, we must decide what we hope to include in our conversations, it is a great goal, and makes us far more effective! It does require planning for consistency while flexing with the conversation!
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  • Karen McKim
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