meeting notes for March 2, 2015

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for March 2, 2015


Next meeting: Monday, March 9, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hills neighborhood.  Draft agenda to follow.


We had six people at the March 2nd meeting.  Pre-meeting discussion dwelt much on the school referendum on the April 7th ballot and the teachers’ situation and John and Marcia’s testimony on behalf of the teachers at the DeForest Area School Board meeting.


Karen has set up the DAP web page reference to the April llth event, “What’s in YOUR Water?”   People can pre-register there by “RSVP-ing” at the bottom of the page.  JohnSki is going to put two ads in the DeForest Times-Tribune (pending funding from the village grant).  Using the flyer produced by Karen, JohnSki will also inform the churches and the organizations on the list provided by the village such as service organizations.  Ginny will place flyers in the library, stores, etc.  Janet volunteered to help Ginny.  Bill has been talking up the event with other organizations.  It might be a good idea for someone to contact the news media in Sun Prairie and Waunakee.


Marcia talked about Plant Dane!, a rain garden plant cost-share program offered by the Madison Area Municipal Storm Water Partnership.  You can order inexpensive plants (only $1.80 per plant) at  Marcia explained that these are plants that attract pollinators, feed birds, and do other things beneficial for the environment.  Marcia is going to the Windsor Garden Club meeting Wednesday to get acquainted and find out what they are all about.  She will report back.


General discussion about the “right to work” law being passed now and the demonstrations and testimony on it: other terms for “right to work” are “wage theft” and “right to mooch.”  Right wingers sometimes call it “worker freedom” and “workplace freedom of conscience.”


Ginny has asked Shawn Haney, Vienna town clerk, to come and talk to us sometime about the manure digester in the Town of Vienna.


Marcia discussed the bird city project for the Town of Windsor.  I should be a whole community project, involving a lot of organizations such as garden clubs, FFA, DAP, the waterway and lakes associations, etc.  The town needs to meet at least seven out of 21 criteria and must add one new criterion each year.  Bird city can be seen as a habitat project related to climate change.


Karen reported that Gogebic is packing up and leaving northern Wisconsin.  It is abandoning its Penokee Hills mining project.  Karen’s cousin in Ashland says that people are celebrating all over town.  This is a victory for protest!  However, Enbridge still has its pipeline – Enbridge  Pipeline 5 – running under the Bad River Reservation.  It must renegotiate its right of way with the Bad River Band.  See .


Janet reported on the Ann Walsh Bradley campaign to re-elect Bradely to the Supreme Court.  The campaign organization has their headquarters in the Gateway Mall at the Capitol Square end of Williamson Street.  There are many volunteer opportunities available right now until the election on April 7th.  (John sent out a call-for-volunteers announcement to the DAP email list with details.)  The campaign is targeting left wing voters right now who do not usually turn out to vote in off year elections.  Should we – DAP -- put on something for the Bradley campaign at the DeForest area library?  Should we do something with GROW  or  SPARC?  Signs?  Phone bank?


There was discussion of formalizing our DAP election efforts in some sort of an election action team (DAP-EAT J ) that can mobilize months before each election for canvassing, placing signs, phone calling, lit drops, etc., much as Janet and Marcia do now and have done in the past for OFA.

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