Messaging - Creating and Packaging Our Progressive Messages

We have all seen how the far right has convinced a large segment of the population that their positions are correct and those offered by progressives are wrong. The Messaging group has created a handbook for groups to allow them to create messages to counter incorrect information coming from conservative talk radio, TV or internet sources.

WGN also urges all groups to utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to counter claims from the far right at any time (not just election time). 

Please check out the Wisconsin Progressive Freedom Campaign page and its associated information on Professor George Lakoff's theories on the cognitive basis for messaging. We utilize these in many of our messaging campaigns, such as letters to the editor, "Big Red" signs and "Burma Shave" style signs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE WISCONSIN PROGRESSIVE FREEDOM CAMPAIGN!

We are also committed to the ideas and messages of Mike McCabe, the author of "Blue Jeans in High Places," whose Blue Jean Nation movement recently went public at its website:  We are proud to link Mike's site as one of our allies on our Allied Groups page on this site, since Mike has been one of our keynote speakers at our annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festivals for several years!  NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ORGANIZATIONAL ENDORSEMENT OF MIKE'S BID FOR GOVERNOR IN 2018.

We are always looking for writers to provide LETTERS to the editor of local newspapers across the state on a variety of topics!

We can also use CONTENT writers for THIS WEBSITE, and content writers for our non-partisan, information sister site linked to one of our signage projects,

Jingle and message writers for our SIGNAGE projects (Big Red and "Burma Shave" style road-side signs across the state), These are the signs that tie in to the website that supports them with non-partisan, personal, heartfelt messages!

Sign painters, site locators or other people wanting to work on the actual business of creating and putting up the SIGNS for our SIGNAGE project,

Or people willing to work behind the scenes as part of our WEBTEAM, to work on both this site (using Nationbuilder) or the signage support site (using Wordpress)!