Move To Amend in Janesville, this Monday, Feb 18th at 6pm

Please join us at the next meeting for Move to Amend, this Monday, February 18th at 6 pm in the community room at Basics Cooperative, 1711 Lodge Drive, Janesville. Turn off of Milton Ave at Lodge (look for Toys R Us) and go West one block.  Basics will be on the right.
We are privileged to have Brad Geyer of Jefferson as our facilitator. He can inform us as to the methods Jefferson County used to successfully get the resolution on both FortAtkinson and Whitewater’s ballots.
We need each of you to pitch in for the sake of our democracy. The avalanche of money pouring into politics is drowning our democracy. We cannot allow a handful of billionaires and mega-millionaires to buy our elected officials. How can politicians represent you, when they're given millions to represent someone else??  Congress’s approval rating is at record lows because people can see the corrosive influence of campaign cash. We can keep voting the bums out or we can fix the system.

The only sure way to correct this situation is to amend the Constitution, which has been done 27 times before. Corporations have corrupted the framers’ intent that the Congress be dependent on the people. We must defend and restore our democracy before it is lost forever.  This is something we can do!

Madison, DaneCounty, Eau ClaireCounty, DunnCounty, West Allis and Westport have already passed resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment. Nearly 500 towns, cities and other organizations across the U.S. have done the same, including eleven state legislatures. Once enough states press Congress on this, they will be forced to act.

Move To Amend is a non-partisan grassroots movement and we need your help…see you Monday!
Margie Jessup & Jennifer Bleak

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