United To Amend -- Town Initiative

If you live in a town, or know someone that lives in a town, please read this post!

Wisconsin United To Amend is organizing a push for Town Resolution Passage, throughout Wisconsin, by Town Boards at the state-required April (third Tuesday) Town Meetings, 2013, much like the Vermont initiative (which resulted in 64 resolutions) in April, 2012. The Rock River Affiliate (MTARRA) is in support of this and will be working for resolutions, hopefully for the Annual April County Board meetings or this year.  MTARRA has developed three documents to aid our members in working with Town Board members to this end: 1) Steps to Town & County Resolutions, 2) Script & Talking Points for Discussion with Town Board Members, and 3) Handout for Board Members. MTARRA is targeting at least a dozen towns in the Rock River area. Other affiliates are also working towards the same goal for towns in their area.


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