Move To Amend Update from the Milwaukee Area

South East Wisconsin Move To Amend (SEWMTA) has decided to partner with United Wisconsin with the following agreement:

a.) we will do the trainings for door to door volunteers (Angelique Rogers of United Wisconsin recently said "train the trainers" but we can/should be there for the initial training of volunteers also)

b.) United Wisconsin will use our wording for the resolution.

c.) United Wisconsin will not use our logo (because of their partisan appearance re the Walker Recall).

United Wisconsin will cover Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, and Wauwatosa for the April 2014 election, recruiting and sending out volunteers door-to-door to petition, and Racine and Kenosha are in the plan for later. We clearly communicated that we prefer they not use our logo, as it was considered by the MTA group that they are viewed as partisan because of their past and future opposition to Walker campaigns. They are actually non-partisan, but MTA wants to be careful to be viewed as not supporting or opposing any particular politician(s).

Milwaukee is the area that South East Wisconsin Move to Amend (SEWMTA), is going to focus our people power on, though United Wisconsin can offer us political and strategic expertise as well as feet on the ground, when needed. This is a huge population, and the hardest to cover. More details later...

Our last resort would be to launch a City-wide petition drive, which we would have time to do, if necessary, before the November 2014 election (we would start signature collection in March or April of 2014).




1.) Opportunities to be actively involved - Membership

We are now suggesting a $5.00 membership to people who want to support us. Of course, you can give more! But this is a minimum to join and show support (the name, address, phone numbers, etc will be used to draw signature collectors if needed).

This means we need somebody to be a membership coordinator - to get the money to Jim Ito, Treasurer/Secretary, and to input data to our data base so they get the newsletter, and renewal notices.

Social Networking

We need someone to coordinate Facebook, our Website, and National MTA announcement and news.

2.) COMMITTEES - Still open if you are interested

We now have a Media Committee, headed by Bob Whitney (Robert Whitney <[email protected]>), so if you have anything to relay to him, you now have his e-mail address.

We also have an Education Committee, headed by James Ito ([email protected]) . Currently 4 members: Dan Folkman, Don Wescher, Mary-Alice Martinez and Jim Ito). We will be filming a video Wednesday, January 23rd, about MTA's purpose and goals and rationale behind the amendment, and about the threats the American Legislative Exchange Council poses (A.L.E.C.), and how the amendment would stifle ALEC.

The Outreach Committee is headed by Mary Laan ([email protected]) currently has 4 members and is making the DVD for their use and that of the Education Committee. The Outreach Committee is contacting groups in the community for political actions and involvement of the community. We plan to have a general outreach meeting sometime in March to explain the Move to Amend Movement.

The Steering Committee currently consists of Jim Ito, Sec/Treas., Mary Laan, Chairperson, Pamela Carlson, Co-Chair, Bob Whitney, Media Chair, Don Wescher - Newsletter, Eugene Barufkin, Dan Folkman, former Alderperson Don Richards, Tom Phillipson, and Marsha Vila. Membership in this Committee is still open until the February 20th,
2013 meeting, meaning those who would like to may join. This is run by Robert's Rules of Order, and we now function by majority rule, though that may change, depending upon what the Structure Committee decides.

The Structure Committee will decide on and write the rules of organization. We are currently an Association with a fiscal agent, the Peace Education Project of Peace Action Wisconsin, enabling memberships and donations to be tax-deductible. The structure Committee was formed at the last meeting, and membership remains open; current volunteers are Mary-Alice Martinez, Jim Ito, Eugene Barufkin, and Mary Laan

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