Mutual Credit and Aid for a Cooperative Community Economy

Join us to explore how timebanking and other cooperative practices can build healthier more resilient communities.

Please join us at our statewide gathering Healthy Wisconsin: How TimeBanking and Other Cooperative Practices Can Build a Healthier State. For anyone interested in timebanking, mutual aid, cooperative organizing, wellness, food security, energy independence, meeting great people, improving our state, etc. Registration is on a sliding scale and noone will be turned away.  

Friday May 10 - Saturday May 11

College of Professional Studies building, UW-Stevens Point campus, 1901 4th Ave., Stevens Point, WI

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And we'll be having a Deep Dive Discussion the following Thur., May 16 4-6pm at the Madison Senior Center 330 W. Mifflin, where we'll really delve into what we want to create here and how we'll proceed to do it. Tons of potential and it all just rides on getting a lot of people to participate.

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