Nate Timm's Roast N Toast

Nate Timm

Nathan (Nate) Timm is the Founder and Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network.  He grew up on a dairy farm in Central Wisconsin. His professional career focused on public education as an H. S. Social Studies teacher and Administrator. Since 2008 he has devoted his volunteer efforts full time to grassroots organizing. He also facilitates the WGN Task Force of citizen volunteers which manage the planning, funding, and implementation of numerous projects.  Nate also has focused on building regional multi-county groupings throughout the state. These platforms provide a way to identify and network community-based contacts to take action. Kerry Delegates. Smithsonian institute donkey hats worn by the Timms.

Roasters and Toasters

Robert Crego & Julie Crego
WGN coordinators
Bob and Julie got involved in WGN after meeting Nate at the Capital early in the Scott Walker protests and have remained involved. Bob’s database and app building skills provided WGN with a way to gather data about Wisconsin grassroots groups and help us understand the people who also came into WGN especially thru the festivals. Once Julie joined Bob in retirement, she was able to devote her time more fully in a wide variety of ways. In 2020 Bob and Julie sold their home in Middleton and bought a home in Woodland Park, Colorado. They remain involved in WGN both when they travel to Wisconsin and remotely from Colorado.


Adam Grabski

Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Wisconsin Grassroots Network, Democratic Party Of Wisconsin, Rural Caucus UFCW local 538


Ginny Brokish

Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Peggy Peckum

Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Rural Caucus UFCW local 538Peggy became involved with Nate Timm in 2004 during the Democratic Presidential campaign of John Kerry. She was especially interested in the yard sign projects that Nate created and jumped in with both feet.


Roger Springman

Stoughton, WI

Roger’s been a labor and political activist for as long as he can remember . . . which is getting less and less.  Being active in the Stoughton Area Dems and Progressives, time is still spent working on signs and helping local candidates.  He co-founded Sustainable Stoughton and gets involved with growth and environmental causes.  He remains active in Protect Our Wisconsin Retirement Security (POWRS)  . . a group dedicated to making sure everyone retires with dignity and financial security.


Gloria J. Hochstein

Democratic Party of Jefferson County

Eau Claire County, WI,

Eau Claire County Democratic Party, Co-Vice Chair and Head of Office Operations; member of WI Rural Advisory Council; member of WI Rural Strategy Group; member of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 53; Past President of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English Honors Society.

Emerita Faculty at UW-Eau Claire (32 years teaching in the English Department).

Committed to reaching out to rural neighbors to increase Democratic votes

Raised on a farm in Southwest Minnesota and co-manage the farm with my oldest brother

Love to travel; have hitchhiked and backpacked through Europe; have snorkeled around Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Aruba, and more. Ride a Harley Davidson Softail,  an Arctic Cat snowmobile, and have driven motorhomes more than 80,000 miles around Canada and US. Most important possession: my sense of humor. Love all kinds of animals, especially dogs, cats, wolves, horses, goats.


Steve Bower

Democratic Party of Jefferson County

Lake Mills, WI, Jefferson County



Rev. John Stanley

Wisconsin Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Chair

Location: DeForest Wisconsin
Organization: WGN, D.P.W Progressive Caucus, DeForest Windsor Area Grassroots.


William Crawford

1st V/Chair Waushara County Democrats

Location: Waushara County Wisconsin

Organization/s: 1st V/Chair Waushara County Democrats, 4 County Democratic Coordinator, DPW Rural Advisory Council, DPW Rural Caucus, One of Nate’s sign hubs, and whatever else he can rope me into.  



Art and Dawn Shegonee

Call for Peace /Wisconsin Grassroots Network

Art and Dawn Shegonee are artists and long time peace activists since 1990 as co-founders of the multi-ethnic Call For Peace Drum & Dance Company. Presenting a message of peace and justice around the world, called ” Dancing the Dream” a New Hope for Humanity, Letters of support include Dr. Arun Gandhi, and Former Us Congressmen John Lewis.

Art and Dawn are the sister and brother-in-law to Nate Timm

June 13, 2021 at 4:00pm - 7pm