This page will have links to Karen's and Marcia's notes from Netroots Nation 15 in Phoenix, as well as links to videos of speeches and some sessions that were livestreamed by Netroots (first time for this process!) The Notes will be the LAST section added (we need time to digest what we learned).

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Friday Morning Keynote  

 Elizabeth Warren

(She starts speaking about 15 minutes in.)

Saturday Morning Candidate Town Hall: Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders

( O'Malley starts speaking about 9.5 minutes in. The protesters enter at 29 minutes. Bernie Sanders comes in at around 51:15.)



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------09:00 Thur Room 228AB Daring to Internet While Female 2.0  

Last year’s successful Daring to Internet While Female panel addressed being a woman online and in public spaces. Now, we’re following it up with a sequel! We’ve all had experiences being bullied, harassed and silenced online—but where do we go from there? How can we be more supportive in spaces that aren’t our own? How can we listen better, act more strategically and ensure that people are comfortable telling their stories publicly?


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10:30 Thur Room 228AB A Streetcar Named Deception (sponsored by the Amalgamated Transit Union) 

Streetcars are enjoying a renaissance as a funky, classic mode of transportation through historic and commercial areas of cities. From Milwaukee to Kansas City to Tucson, cities are building or proposing streetcars to attract high-end developers, condo-dwellers and shoppers to “trendy” areas. However, these “boutique” streetcars aren’t what they seem. They have no real use for people who actually depend on public transit to get to work, to the doctor or to church. These streetcars actually divert taxpayer money away real transit—buses and light rail—resulting in routes being cut and fares going up. Furthermore, new streetcars are often operated by private companies with a history of mistreating workers and rarely reinvest profits in the community they serve. They donate funds to elected officials, receive tax breaks and reap millions of taxpayer dollars in contracts and then take their profits elsewhere. Learn why today’s streetcars are making transit options and communities worse.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10:30 Thur Room 225 Who Leads Us, Tackling Structural Barriers to a Reflective Democracy  

At WhoLeads.Us, we can now see for the first time the race and gender makeup of our elected officials, from the county level all the way up to President. It’s not a pretty picture: of 42,000 elected officials, this groundbreaking study found that 90 percent are white, 71 percent are men and 65 percent are white men. In a country that is increasingly diverse, this imbalance is not sustainable. So how do we change it? We cannot continue to do it one candidate at a time, but rather need to address the structural barriers that keep this dynamic stuck where it is. In this session, we’ll showcase emerging leaders who are engaging in innovative pilot projects to tackle structural barriers preventing us from having a reflective democracy‚ one where our leaders reflect the people they serve and tap into the full range of talent America has to offer. 


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01:00 Thur Room 228AB How to Win Friends and Influence People at Netroots Nation (Caucus)

First-time Netroots attendee? Not the hugest fan of conferences? Scared about meeting all these people? This session’s for you. Networking gets a bad rap, but we’ll unpack some tips and tricks, as well as workshop specific strategies for getting past our own insecurities to further the goals we have, the goals of our organization, and the goals of the movement.

No Video Yet, Sorry. Will be posted as soon as it is available! 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2:15 Thur Room 225 A New 50 State Strategy: Reversing the Democratic Collapse in the States 

The 2014 election was catastrophic for the progressive movement and the Democratic Party. Republicans gained a record number of seats in state legislatures and seized the governorships of several more blue states. Since President Obama took office, Democrats have lost nearly 1,000 state legislative seats. There are only seven states where Democrats control the governor’s office and both houses of the legislature. Until we reverse the slide in the states, Democrats will have a nearly impossible time retaking Congress and being able to govern the country again. Of course, GOP control of states is causing serious damage in and of itself, as they impose extremist policies and undermine progressive victories. This panel brings together leaders from across America to analyze the reasons for this disaster—and to chart the course back to power.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2:15 Thur Room 228AB Raising Wages is Common Sense Economics (sponsored by the AFL-CIO) 

The first step towards fixing income equality is to make sure people understand that the economy isn’t inevitable —  it’s shaped by intentional policy decisions that can and should work for us all. This panel will talk about how our economy functions right now (spoiler alert: it’s broken!) and then we’ll explore ways to put participants in the driver’s seat to start creating an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:45 Thurs Room 225 The People vs Arpaio

Though touted as the ‘toughest Sheriff,’ Joe Arpaio has suffered setbacks in recent years. After years of abuse, organized communities have begun to fight back and win. Hear from Puente AZ and allies to learn about the impact of Arpaio’s antics and the ways that those directly affected are refusing to simply live in the shadows.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:45 Thurs Room 228AB 2020 War Room: Update from the Fight to End GOP Gerrymandering (sponsored by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) 

Right-wing gerrymandering was bad in 2010, but John Roberts’ Supreme Court can still make it a whole lot worse in 2020 – particularly for Latino and other minority communities who stand to lose the most when Republicans draw the lines. But Democrats are already organizing NOW to take back the redistricting pens before the 2020 Census. Please join a panel of Democratic legislative leaders, campaign strategists, and the founder of the newest progressive weapon in the redistricting fight – the Advantage 2020 super PAC – as we update the Netroots community on this cycle’s crucial redistricting targets, the changes brought about by brand-new court decisions, and Democrats’ long-term strategy to flip the legislative chambers that could shatter the Tea Party’s hold on Congress.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6pm Thur Opening Keynote NN 2015

We’ll kick off the opening keynote for our 10th annual conference with stories of courage from some of the leading activists in Arizona. We’ll uncover some of the most unjust practices in our immigration system and elevate the voices of local activists fighting for their families and communities. Many of the issues they face—racial profiling, police brutality and more—have deep roots in communities of color across our country. You’ll hear from top organizers in those communities as well, in addition to Rep. Donna Edwards and many more.


Links to clips from the keynote, (click on the link, then close the the video to return to this page):
The Desert – Petra Falcon and Alfredo Gutierrez

Unafraid – Erika Andiola

Streamline – Isabel Garcia

Detention – Marisa Franco

Ashley Yates

Rep. Donna Edwards 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9:00 Fri Room 225 Building Progressive Politcal Power

The panel will focus on strategies and organizing needed to build progressive political power at the federal, state and local level. How do progressives win elections? How do they build progressive power once they do win election? What is the best way to maximize inside-outside power with elected officials and the grassroots?


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9:00 Fri Room 228AB Unions as the Answer to the Defining Issue of our Time (sponsored by AFSCME) 

It’s no accident that corporate-backed politicians have been on the attack against unions. They know what we have known for a long time: joining a union is one of the best ways to un-rig the system and level the playing field for all workers. After decades of these attacks, wages are dropping, inequality is rising – and women, communities of color, and the millennial generation still face especially steep hurdles in today’s economy. The system is rigged. This panel will explore what the labor movement is doing to reverse these trends and what challenges lie ahead. There’s no doubt that strong unions are a key part of the solution to income inequality, the only question is how workers will organize a winning movement in the face of corporate-funded attacks.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1:45pm Fri Room 225 #Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics and Pop Culture

Ella Baker’s practice of “participatory democracy” has shaped grassroots organizing models from SNCC to #Occupy to #BlackLivesMatter. The “Fannie Lou Dems” are organizing in #Ferguson, Loretta Lynch has replaced Eric Holder as Attorney General, while Michelle Obama is still our First Lady; and Marilyn Mosby is handling her business as a Prosecutor in Baltimore. Black women are still the largest, democratic voting bloc; and America cannot afford to overlook or underutilize our brilliance and power. Many of us stood for Wendy Davis; but she lost because White women did not support her in the same numbers as Black and Latina women in Texas. Hillary Clinton wants to engage Black women voters; but she and other Democrats remained too silent on police brutality, Marissa Alexander and more. After an entire year, we are just now able to #BringBackOurGirls, as terrorism continues to sweep the globe, while thousands of slaughtered Nigerians were barely covered in mainstream media. And can we talk about Ebola and truly affordable healthcare policy? Selma? The Oscars? Now in its fifth year and a Netroots Nation tradition, you’d better #AskaSista.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1:45pm Fri Room 228AB Education in the 2016 Presidential Campaign (sponsored by the NEA) 

The next President will have a huge responsibility in shaping the future of public education in America. Common Core, access to higher education, college affordability, civil rights and equal opportunity in education, and the federal role in public education will play a crucial part in the debate of both the Republican and Democratic nomination process and the general election.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:15pm FRIDAY AFTERNOON KEYNOTE http://livestream.com/accounts/558984/events/4186650/videos/93352658

Clips from Friday Keynote:

Tefere Gebre, AFL-CIO

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4:30 Fri Room 225 Mass Employment, Not Mass Incarceration 

In October 2013, the United States incarceration rate was the highest in the world. While the US has only 5 percent of the world’s population, it houses over 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. With more than 2.3 million people currently incarcerated and millions more affected by the system, the labor movement has decided to join forces with criminal justice advocates and the formerly incarcerated to take on the unfair system that privatizes prisons, locks millions of people from the job and housing market, and creates second class citizenship. Join this panelist of experts to hear about recent victories in California, how organizations and unions are combatting the issue and what we can do on the local level to decrease incarceration rates.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8:30am Sat Room 225 America Awakens: Activism & Action Restoring Trust Between Community and Police  

This panel will highlight the activism and political response that has happened in the wake of police killings in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland and beyond. How can we solve our country’s problems and build political power while strengthening the ties between organizers and elected officials? This panel aims to facilitate a conversation around how to ensure that elected officials hear—and act on—the demands of activists.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8:30am Sat Room 228 AB Building Black-Brown Coalitions

A series of highly publicized tragic deaths involving law enforcement have sparked national outrage and vibrant activism, as well as critical racial justice organizing to address widespread racial discrimination and institutional inequalities. At the same time, Latino and immigrant communities cope with arbitrary divisions among those who will benefit from executive action and others who are further criminalized and remain at risk of deportation. Join us for an honest, dynamic discussion about advancing racial justice, civil rights, immigration reform and economic equality.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1:30pm Sat Room 225 Women on the Run 

Join us for best practices and cautionary tales from women running for office. What unique skills and leadership challenges present for women candidates? Hear from women on the front lines.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1:30pm Sat Room 228AB A Movement Not a Moment: Fighting Fast Track in Arizona (sponsored by the CWA)  

Over the past year, progressive activists have joined together across the country to organize unprecedented grassroots opposition to the deeply flawed Fast Track process for passing trade deals. In this session, we will learn how activists built this movement in Arizona and what lessons we can carry forward as we work together on other issues.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:00pm Sat Room 225 The First 10 Years of the Roberts Court & How to Change it's Direction 

This September marks the 10th anniversary of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court.  Our panel will look back on the decisions of the last decade and forward to the cases coming in then next term that favor the rich and power over working Americans.  Four justices will be in their 80’s during the next president’s first term.  We will discuss the importance of the coming election and how the next president could shape the Supreme Court for decades to come.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3:00pm Sat Room 228AB A progressive U.S. foreign policy begins in Iran (sponsored by MoveOn) 

Negotiators from six world powers negotiated a strong deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program. In the months leading up to the final agreement, hawks in Congress went into overdrive to sabotage the Obama administration’s tough and principled diplomacy–even though our nation faced a stark choice: hard-nosed diplomacy and a chance at a peaceful settlement or another Middle East war.The deal with Iran is a major foreign policy victory. It’s overwhelmingly popular with the American people. And yet it continues to face an uphill battle in Congress.What lessons can we learn from Iran diplomacy-related organizing? Who’s leading the charge in Congress for a progressive foreign policy? Why should grassroots and netroots groups outside of the peace and security community care about U.S. foreign policy? What’s the economic, social, and human cost of rampant militarism? What impact does it have on our collective work?


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ignite Sessions - Netroots Nation 2015 - Saturday Closing Keynote http://livestream.com/accounts/558984/events/4186650/videos/93457390