Participate in Saving Wisconsin's Farmland!

"Every minute of every day, we have been losing more than an acre of agricultural land to development." For those of us in the northeastern Dane county area, we see this happening as US Hwy 51 expands to four lanes on its path northwards. While commuters and sportsmen (and women) may bless the shortened ride, the sight of productive farmland being covered by concrete and asphalt brings back memories of Joni Mitchell's song "They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot."

In the case of the highway, many of the farmers may not have had any choice in the matter, since the State can exercise the right of eminent domain to purchase their land for a highway right of way. But in cases where a farm is sold to a developer, there may be an element of choice involved: if only there were another purchaser of the property.

The American Farmland Trust is an organization dedicated to saving America's farm and ranch lands from creeping development. I highly recommend that you at least visit their website: to see what they have accomplished and what their future plans are.

Remember that without farmers, there is no food and that Wisconsin agricultural exports provide significant value to all citizens of the state, both in tax revenue and in state pride.

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