Preserve Waupaca County

The Waupaca county citizens are facing a determined mining company from Markesan WI that wants to come into their small, semi-rural area to rip open a hill behind a town hall on a plot of land adjacent to a beautiful natural area. Local citizens have created a short video on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site in hopes of raising enough money to help them win a legal battle against this corporate Goliath before their community is destroyed one truckload of sand at a time.

Some background: the A.F. Gelhar Company of Markesan is from the base of Assembly Rep. Joan Ballweg R-41st District. In the hearing on SB 349, Ms. Ballweg referred to this company as a good corporate neighbor and praised their operations. She made it sound as though this company was located just across the street from her house - although its operations are several miles outside of Markesan - well out of both eye and earshot of Ms. Ballweg's residence.

The creator of this webpage had the honor of meeting one of the creators of this video at the 2013 Wisconsin Sierra Club Autumn Assembly. I commend this cause to you and recommend that you at lease take the time to view the short film on IndieGoGo at this link: A MILLION LOADS OF SAND. 

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