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Progressive Partners Quarterly Meeting - April 20th

RSVP is requested so that we may plan for the sandwich bar lunch. We also plan a potluck salads/chips/cookies/casseroles for lunch. If you bring something to share for lunch, please go according to the first letter of your last name as follows:

N-R--Relishes, Chips and Dip, Appetizers

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Progressive Partners

April 20, 2013

DMBWindsorNeighborhoodCenter, 4438 Windsor Rd., Windsor, Wisconsin



Mission Statement

 Progressive Partners exists to support and facilitate coordination, communication, and collaboration among autonomous community-based progressive grassroots groups and their allies.

 9:00 - 9:30 a.m.           Registration

 9:30 - 10:00                 Round Robin: each organization takes a minute to report on this question: "Are there any activities of your group that could have been enhanced by participation/support from other grassroots groups?" 

                                    Segue into

 10:00 - 11:00               Whole Group Discussion

 This hour or so is intended to be a free-flowing discussion, energetic, fast, all-inclusive.


  • Does PP need to establish a Coordinating Committee?
  • Does PP need an organizational structure: committees, work groups?
  • Does PP need a decision-making mechanism(s)?
  • How does PP network: Wis. Grassroots Network, Facebook, etc.?

 DAP staff will facilitate.  Karen E. (and assistants) will take notes, record, write report for future action and information.

 11:00 - 12:00  Representative Mark Pocan: Town Hall Meeting, Q & A

 Noon-ish                     Lunch      Sandwich fixings and beverages will be provided by DAP.  Other potluck items will be brought by participants per announcement.     Ginny B./assistants

12:30-ish - 3:00 (est.)              "Passion Identification"                          DAP staff will facilitate.

                                     I.          Whole group exercise: starting from previously ID'ed lists, we will identify key concerns for break-out "passion groups" below.  Passions will be posted at various locations throughout the room.  Clarifications will be solicited.  After this step, people will self-identify, gather at the posted places, choose a group leader and a reporter.  Think: what is YOUR passion?  Voter election integrity?  Messaging?  Health care?  Education? Move to Amend?  Mining?  What else?

                                     II.        "Passion Group" Problem Solving: Passion groups meet in break- outs.  Begin by reviewing PP Mission Statement.  Then: 

  1. Define the problem[1]
  2. Analyze the problem.[2]
  3. Develop one or two possible responses to the problem.[3]
  4. Assess success.[4] 
  5. Action: who, what, where, when, how ...


3:00 (est.)                III.       Re-assemble in whole group.  Passion groups report.

                                            Wrap-up: Who will host the July PP meeting?


                                    If you can stay a few minutes to help, thank you.  The fee for the                                                    facilities does not include take-down services.

                                    Please note donation bottle at registration table.  DeForest Area                                                      Progressives did incur some expenses putting this show on.  Thank you.

[1] Use what we learned in Waunakee from Randy Stoecker: "Cutting an Issue."  See handout.

[2] Share what you know.  Share what you need to know and where to find out.  Analyze exhaustively.

[3] Be fearless.  Use what is in the box, then go outside the box.  "Be not afeerd, the isle is full of noises."

[4] What will success look like?

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