Progressives For Peace

Norman Soloman has suggested that progressives support Representative Barbara Lee of California. She has introduced H.R.198 to end the "Endless War." Rep. Lee cast the only No vote in the House against the war powers act (officially the "Authorization for Use of Military Force") on 9/14/2001, suggesting that we might become "the evil that we deplore." In the wake of Abu Ghraib, the systematic "rendition" of captives to third party countries, of innocents to "Gitmo," of drone strikes against persons inside allied countries' boundaries, I fear we have become just that.

I suggest that you read the following article and consider its message when considering who deserves your vote for the US congress in next years' elections. 

In addition, you may use the following RootsAction website to communicate with your legislators to urge them to support Rep. Lee's bill. I am especially sure that Senator Johnson will appreciate hearing from his constituents!

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