Sand-Mining News in Dane County

 We study where mines are being attempted in Dane County.  As of this editing, we are aware of 5 towns having been in various stages of considering, voting against, and developing ordinances regarding sand mining overtures made to them by sand mining companies. We are continuing to get details on several towns and will update this page as news is confirmed. Not many citizens know this is happening in Dane County, but we are observing closely and are following up on information as it comes to us. If you know of possible mining activity, no matter what stage in the process, please email or call us. Mining activity often emerges without many in the localities knowing it is about to happen. Citizens get taken by surprise and are not prepared to deal with the challenges living near a mine presents. The sooner the town citizens are aware of the possibility of land purchase or permit-seeking by a mining company, the better they can develop ways to be sure they can prepare for many years of mining and its consequences to their communities. Please select the link below to discover Dane County Frac-Sand Mining News. We are currently researching three other Dane County towns where we hear there is potential activity. To actual recent news of this activity in Dane County towns, please follow link below: