Sand Trains

Sand mining in Wisconsin has become a big business since the explosive growth of hydraulic fracturing ("fracing") for oil and gas in other parts of the country and in Canada in the late 1990s.  This process requires the use of a "proppant" to hold open the cracks in the rock created by the pressure of the fracturing fluids so that the trapped fossil fuels can be forced out of the rock and extracted. Wisconsin sand is almost perfect for this purpose.


 DOTTED lines on the map mark sand train routes.

Sand train mishaps are much less "news worthy" than oil train problems, but they DO happen. Sand trains derail, spilling sand and destroying property along the tracks, the trains kill people, and the spillage from uncovered card is potentially hazardous to your health!

Here are some sand train mishap links for your review (not exhaustive and it will be added to as we discover more:

Chetek, WI, January 28, 2013 Frack Sand Train Derails

19 train cars derail in western Wisconsin  March 18, 2013 between Taylor and Wisconsin Rapids

More trains lead to more crashes with vehicles in Wisconsin - Chippewa Falls WI January 2013


Please note that Canada takes frac sand spills more seriously:

Alberta issues health advisory to residents after frac sand spill  (July 2014)