Save the Right to Recall !

Wisconsin's Republican majority legislature is planning yet another attack on its citizens' rights. This time it is our right to recall an elected official.

According to United Wisconsin: "Now, conservative lawmakers want to rewrite our constitution so only a criminal conviction is grounds for a recall.

Unlike some states, Wisconsin does not have statewide ballot initiative process, such as a ‘Peoples’ Veto,’ to demand direct repeal of laws that violate the public’s interest. That's why our recall power was designed - to give us the ability to enforce checks and balances on our elect officials. If we allow this bill to pass, lawmakers will be shielded from any public recourse for their actions, no matter how much their policies violate the public interest."

NOTE: A constitutional amendment in Wisconsin requires passage by two successive legislatures and ratification by the people of the state to become effective. Please see: for the text of the Assembly Joint Resolution 25.

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