Save Wisconsin Local Control

Wisconsin has a long history of supporting strong local government! We are proud of our Towns, Villages, Cities and Counties, and we believe that government close to the people understands the people's needs best. Once the Republican Party believed that way, too. Once, the Grand Old Party (GOP for short) was the party of the PEOPLE, not the bosses or the big cities! BUT NO MORE! HELP SAVE LOCAL CONTROL!

Since 2010, the GOP in Wisconsin has become the party of BIG STATE GOVERNMENT that tries every way that it can to take away the rights of LOCAL VOTERS to decide what is right for THEIR communities - no matter how small the matter may seem! HELP SAVE LOCAL CONTROL!

If a local community wants to control how long at night a business can run big trucks down its main street - that becomes a point of legislation in Madison, with big businesses (including major lobbyists) urging their GOP pet legislators to rein in these anarchist local communities that are daring to hobble business interests and cripple the State's economy by short-circuiting job growth and many other terrible things too many to list here. Other points where local interests have dared conflict with business include: water and air quality (why should local residents expect to be able to continue to breathe their air or drink their water, after all - the business is providing all of those jobs!)  What should a local resident who lives on the wrong side of the tracks from the EMS station expect when the 100 car sand train blocks the only crossing for five miles in either direction? Instant service when his wife calls 911? Ridiculous! After all - Wisconsin is open for business, you know! HELP SAVE LOCAL CONTROL!

Soon more Canadian tar sands oil will flow down the middle of Wisconsin than would have passed through the Keystone XL Pipeline! All because a certain GOP state senator was so offended by Dane County that he slipped a provision into the state budget bill that forbade ANY COUNTY OR TOWN from passing any zoning provision that would impose additional insurance requirements on a conditional use permit (exactly what Dane County wanted from the pipeline company). Explosive Bakken crude oil from North Dakota transits the state by rail along the Mississippi River corridor (through Wyalusing State Park) and across through La Crosse, Reedsburg, Watertown, and Milwaukee! HELP SAVE LOCAL CONTROL!

A group of concerned Wisconsin citizens is using this webpage to gather others to fight this insidious cancer destroying our state. Please help us!